Bozzetto was founded in Italy in 1919. It operates under three main business lines: textile chemicals, construction chemicals and performance chemicals (detergents, cosmetics, agriculture, water treatment etc.)
Bozzetto Kimya is a raw material producer for ready mixed concrete additives companies in the field of construction chemicals and also produces raw materials for weighted formulators in the field of performance chemicals.
The Bozzetto Group has a single know-how approach in all three departments in line with its solid business experience with over 90 years of experience. Bozzetto’s mission in this frame; Highly motivated and proud to be part of an efficient organization, a remarkable mix of products with a unique combination of three different product groups, rigorous quality control from raw material to final product, technology and product innovation contributing to secure customer leadership on an equal level, Perfect technical backup for customer satisfaction; Instant response from the center for immediate local customer satisfaction.

The vision of Bozzetto Group is; In Textile Chemicals; To respond to the needs of the textile industry and individual customers with timely, timely, serious and quality products that are always beyond the scope of the relevant field. In Building Chemicals; Groups consolidates our leadership position in the field of building chemicals by adding new products.
Performance Chemicals; To provide state-of-the-art solutions to solve the problems of water hardness in many industrial processes. In addition to these, further research, further development, controlled quality, continuity, attention to detail, customer specific design are the main topics of the Bozzetto Group’s values.

Waterland Water Treatment and Environmental Technologies




WATERLAND WATER TREATMENT ENVIRONMENT TECHNOLOGIES Founded in Istanbul in 2007 with the experience of the 15 year treatment sector get into market.

Our aim is to provide economical and effective solutions by keeping our sensitivity as tenor in the direction of the needs of end users and disposal companies and to serve them as a solution partner by ensuring the satisfaction of our customers. We are serving to the domestic and international markets with our advanced technical team, assembly,commissioning and technical service teams, and our state of the art processing facilities.

Our company gives to the customers, ISO 14001,ISO 9001,OHSAS 18001,Service Qualification certificates that have been awarded for the quality, environment and worker health. Therefore, our arrange systems and services prepared with this consciousness are of better quality and safety.

Antiscalant, prevents 100% membrane clogging!


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HYDRODIS RO Antiscalant

The antiscalant is a chemical that is dosed prior to the entry of reverse osmosis membranes into the water from the pre-treatment.
Antiscalant; Calcium, magnesium and bicarbonate ions enter the reaction and prevent the formation of precipitates in the membranes.
Antiscalant prevents reverse osmosis formation which may cause vomiting and accumulation which may cause clogging of the membranes. This extends the life of your membrane and provides a cleaner membrane surface.