Chemical Cleaning of Reverse Osmosis Membranes

 The use of high quality membrane washing chemical significantly affects the operation and maintenance costs of reverse osmosis systems.

The right timing of chemical washing directly affects membrane lifetime and performance. If sedimentation problems are observed, permanent damage may ocur in the membranes if not intervened in time. It is a risky process to apply chemical washing without consulting the manufacturer company.

The pollution frequency of the membrane varied according to the performance of the pretreatment system and the quality of antiscalant used.

What is Membrane Cleaner?

 There are 2 types of membrane cleaning chemicals acidic and basic. Firstly acidic washing is performed to remove the minerals accumulated in the membranes ant the system flushes to the residual chemistry drainage line. Then the basic residues are removed and the flush system is switched on again if we do a basic wash.

Acidic and basic washing are the most commanly used membrane cleaning chemicals. But in same cases different chemistries can be used.